About Nomadic Wireless

Nomadic Wireless started in 2018 after seeing a need for broadband in rural areas that have no other options (Satellite isn’t an option because of latency). Even just a few miles outside of the city, our only options were dial-up or satellite. We started using Verizon and then AT&T 3G/4G with a data limit. Despite no YouTube, Netflix or video streaming services, we would go over our data limit EVERY month, costing an additional $40 to $60 on top of an already steep mobile bill.

Despite being in a subdivision, we have NO access to wired broadband (Old Memphis area in Covington). After getting the run-around from Comcast and AT&T, I decided to do something about it and came up with my own solution.

I started using an unlimited 4G-LTE data plan with specialized equipment (MoFi 4500 with long-range antennas) to get cable-like speeds over 4G-LTE. After thinking about how many people like me that don’t have any other option other than Dial-up or Satellite (Again, not really an option), I built a website and Facebook page and gathered a few customers. So far, Most of my customers (90%+) are still onboard and any issues have been handled promptly.

While the unlimited service I provide isn’t cheap, it’s geared for people who want internet access but have been neglected by larger companies who just don’t offer service. While it was never designed as a substitute for cable internet, I’ve been getting a few people who are just fed up with their existing cable companies.

We knew there was a better way. After some searching, we found a way to make a truly “unlimited” plan. From there, we researched (it’s neverending) equipment until we find the best solution available. Our goal is to be able to completely replace a home broadband solution with 4G-LTE. Our latest solution does just that, as long as there’s a good signal and it’s setup properly.

Join the customers who won’t be denied fast internet. Contact Nomadic Wireless today.