Welcome to Nomadic Wireless

Nomadic Wireless provides home and mobile internet solutions for users. Our plans are Unlimited, Uncapped Wireless Data plan that utilize 4G-LTE to connect.

Nomadic Wireless is an ideal solution if you live in an area that doesn't have access to broadband, only dial-up or satellite internet OR if you own a RV/Camper or are constantly travelling, but want a solid solution to take with you so you don't have to rely on Public and Private Wi-Fi.


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Can't get traditional broadband but don't want slow, terrible satellite internet? We have a solution for you.


Our service options feature AT&T service. This yields reliable high speed internet when you're in an area that doesn't have traditional broadband coverage.


Nomadic Wireless offers hotspots and routers that connect to the closest cell network. This gives the device it's awesome LTE network speed.


Boom! You're on your way to browsing with super fast internet with up to 60MBPS without the latency delay of satellite internet.

What our customers think

"I had Nomadic come out and do a demo for me about a month ago. I had AT&T DSL service up in Tipton Co. With AT&T I was getting downloads of about 6mb downstream and .5mb upstream. I work from home, and use several streaming services which were not doing well over DSL. The demo was impressive. I ordered the hardware and signed up on the spot. I have now had the service for approximately 1 month, and there have been no outages, and no problems. My work VPN is working at record speeds. My son is able to play is games and our streaming services are working great even with two TV's going at once. I ran a speed test this morning before writing this review and I am getting 32.14mb downstream, and 11.44 mb upstream. Almost 6X better than my DSL down and 24x better up. You do need to have a good 4G/LTE signal through AT&T at your house for this to work well, which I do. I cannot recommend this enough. If you are stuck with Ritter or another carrier that claims they have no options in your area... or even if they do... this is probably better if you have a good signal! I have binged Game of Thrones etc, no data limiting issues. Very happy with Nomadic so far! $70.00/month, no strings attached, no long term contracts."


If you have questions or want to arrange a demo (local to Tipton County, TN), send us a message.