Unlimited Plan Subscription – $99 per Month

Signing up is simple!

  1. You sign up either through our Stripe or PayPal automated billing system.
  2. You submit your SIM card for activation by this form.
  3. We remotely activate your SIM card (usually within a few hours)
  4. You boot up the hardware and test the connection
  5. You enjoy your new internet!


Note about our Unlimited account:

This is a brand new policy that we're excited to partner with AT&T on a truly unlimited, unthrottled data plan.

Nomadic Wireless gives you a few different options when it comes to subscribing. You can setup an automated PayPal payment monthly or an automated Credit/Debit card system that's powered by the safety and security of Stripe.


Sorry, but at the moment, we're not taking any new customers.

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